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Realta Entertainment Group, inc. and Realta Studios are developers of reality-based interactive multimedia, hardware and content for the world’s most popular video game consoles and PCs. We meld art and technology into powerful user experiences that expand beyond the confines of typical gaming hardware.

About Realta

The founding members of Realta have been working together building interactive programming and multimedia projects for over 20 years, with clients that include Data East, Electronic Arts, Time Warner and Universal/Interscope. Our wealth of experience and driving creative force now put us at the forefront of today’s reality-based content development.

Beginning in the mid-1980s the Realta team forged development of user-friendly graphical user interfaces and custom CODECs to meet the exploding demand for improved graphics and ever-growing data transport needs. In the 1990s we pioneered real-time Audio/Video internet streaming processes with talent that included Bill Gates of Microsoft and Andy Grove of Intel. In the 2000s we’ve reinvented the way people use video game consoles, turning them from toys into powerful creative tools.

Our in-house development team has garnered numerous industry accolades, including multiple Emmy, Telly, Clio, and Addy awards for our interactive creations.

Realta Founders:

Corporate News

Realta Entertainment Group, Inc. is a privately held Delaware corporation focused on confidential technology development projects. Access to project information and updates on company operations is controlled through a password access system to maintain security.

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